As a local based business, KAWinteractive understands the importance of ranking for local keywords.  If you are a plumber in Warwick, NY – ranking well for Warwick, NY plumber may be a true business driver for you.  If you are an accountant in Warwick, NY – ranking well for Warwick NY accountant will surely bring traffic to your website.

As most of you know, the KAWinteractive website only launched at the end of February this year.  Ranking for absolutely no keywords at the time of launch, KAWinteractive got to work doing for themselves what they do for their clients.  Working on content, code optimization, keyword research, etc., to help increase website exposure and improve their search result rankings.  The results have paid off, and went from not being ranked at all to being ranked in the top 3 positions on Google for several target keywords.

The result and trending chart below outlines the past 3 months for one such term.  The keyword below represents a keyword with a difficulty score of 47% and serves about 1,610,000 pages in the Google search results page.  SEO inherently takes time – the greater the percentage of difficulty, the more difficult the rankings are to achieve.

KAWinteractive | Improving Local Search Rankings

If you are interested in seeing similar results for your website, Contact KAWinteractive today.  Or, feel free to call us at 646.350.5091.  We are happy to help!