Over the last few weeks, we have had the pleasure of engaging in several conversations with a great group of incredibly savvy business people across the Hudson Valley. Each conversation covered several aspects of internet marketing, but one common theme continuously came up when the topic of Social Media Strategies came to the table.

I can count 4 times in the last two weeks while speaking with current clients, prospective clients and two business networking contacts where I heard this statement…

“Yeah, I know Social Media is important…

but I never know what to write about…”

Understanding why you need a social media presence is the first step in creating the actual strategy and carrying through. Secondly, you need to understand that Social Media is not about you. It’s about your consumers. It’s about their experiences. It’s about the conversation between your consumers and your Brand.

Understand your consumer and where they are

  • Not sure where your clients are in the Social Media world? Ask!
  • If you do not have the budgets and time to keep up with 283 different social media outlets, make sure you are keeping up with the ones that will have the largest chance of a high level of interaction with your consumer base.

What is your consumer is looking for

  • Your social strategy does not have to be “all about you”. In fact, it shouldn’t be.
  • Latest products releases, sales, industry news, holiday events
  • Show your consumers WHO your business is, not just what your business offers
  • Industry news – If your business is within a specific area, such as insurance, post your take on a recent news event or article.
  • Talk to your audience, engage them.

Engage with your Consumers

  • Don’t create the outlets and walk away
  • If you do not engage with your audience, your social media strategy is worthless
  • Embrace both the positive engagements and the negative engagements from your audience
  • Social Media is nothing without conversation. If someone is trying to interact with your Brand, take that opportunity to allow the conversation to flow.
What does your small business Social Media strategy look like? Are you talking to your consumers as much as you should be?
For more information on Social Media, please visit our KAWinteractive | Social Media page.